At Energy Innovation we’re training professionals to meet the demands of the wind energy industry.

For working long term, or for just one single assignment in on- or offshore wind farms you will need to have a valid GWO (Global Wind Organisation) certificate in Basic Safety Training. For onshore you will need the modules Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, First Aid and Working at Heights. For offshore you must add Sea survival. The certificates is valid for two years. Training is conducted both in English and in Norwegian.


At Energy Innovation we also provide the GWO advanced HSE modules, as well as GWO Basic Technical Training, GWO Blade repair as well as a 3,5 months program for entry level Service Technicians for O&M in on- and offshore wind farms. Further we are in a process together with the Polytechnical College of Rogaland developing education programs for higher vocational education for installation and O&M in offshore wind.

Energy Innovation is one of few training providers offering mobile GWO training. Take contact if you would like our instructors to provide GWO basic safety training or advanced rescue training in the wind farms. We even provide tailor-made exercises in wind farms both for on- and offshore wind. Take contact for further information.

Energy Innovation


We do GWO (Global Wind Organization) training. Both for HSE, safety and technical courses. These courses are valid all around the globe.

Many of the skillsets needed across the wider wind energy sector – both onshore and offshore – can be found among oil and gas professionals.

We see an opportunity for industry workers to make the transition to the offshore wind market. At Energy Innovation we offer the necessary training and certifications for people to work within the wind energy industry and supply chain, and to transfer from other industries and professions.

At Energy Innovation, we provide courses with a wide range of topics for professionals at any level. What are your needs right now? Please take a look at our course menu.