Ensure the safety and compliance of your fall protection equipment with our expert inspection services. We conduct thorough inspections of all types of fall protection, evacuation, and climbing gear.

Comprehensive Equipment Checks

Annual Compliance Inspections

Our annual inspection service aligns with EN 365 standards, requiring a comprehensive yearly assessment of fall protection equipment. All inspections are documented and performed by certified experts in fall protection.

With our dedicated annual inspection service for fall protection equipment, we provide a complete inspection solution to guarantee that your gear is in optimal condition and meets all safety standards. Recognizing the critical importance of maintaining a secure work environment, especially for tasks at height, we prioritize the integrity of your equipment.

Transparent Information Access

Database and Alert System

Our experienced and certified inspection team holds extensive expertise in evaluating and ensuring the safety of fall protection equipment. After each inspection, we input all relevant information into a secure database accessible to you, our valued customer. Whether through a convenient online portal or a user-friendly mobile app, you have real-time access to the condition of your fall protection equipment anytime, anywhere.

Receive timely alerts for upcoming inspections, allowing you to stay informed and plan inspections well in advance. We take safety seriously and are committed to delivering the highest quality and service to our customers. Trust us for reliable inspections that prioritize your safety and compliance.

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