Wind Industry Certification Programs

Empower your future in the renewable energy industry with Energy Innovation’s Education programs. From essential skills to GWO certifications, our courses cover the fundamentals needed for a successful career. Explore our comprehensive offerings and take the first step to become a skilled and certified professional in the wind industry.

Educate for Change: Join the Green Transition as a Wind Technician

For those with a reasonable background seeking a career change, our specialized 3-month Service Technician Training program offers a gateway to the dynamic field of wind energy. Focused on Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulics, this hands-on training ensures readiness for real-world scenarios. Led by expert trainers, our commitment to safety includes GWO certifications. Acquire the skills and certifications needed for a high-demand career with abundant growth opportunities. Join us and excel as a service technician in the world of wind turbines.

Wind Turbine Service Technician Training

Duration:  65 days / 3 months

Price: 170 000 NOK

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A wind turbine technician, also known as a wind technician, is a broad term for professionals who carry out tasks ranging from assembling, installing, inspecting, servicing, maintaining, operating, and repairing wind turbines. 

 Working alongside more experienced technicians, many wind technicians are involved in building new wind turbines, assisting with the pre-assembly and installation of towers, tower internals, nacelles, electrical systems, hubs and blades. Other entry level wind technicians are assigned to service and maintenance tasks which may include: repair of components and systems, and replacing worn out or malfunctioning components.

 For all job tasks, a wind turbine technician must always follow manuals, specifications, bulletins and complete assigned tasks and ensure all work is performed in accordance with industry standards and associated policies/procedures.

 Wind turbines are often installed in remote locations onshore and offshore and wind technicians are expected to work in varying temperatures and adverse weather conditions, often far from home for extended periods of time. Wind technicians must therefore be able to use their skiIIs in this unique environment. They must be capable of dimbing ladder systems, often to heights above 80 metres, to reach the turbine nacelle, where the components that generate electricity are located and most tasks are required. Wind technicians must be able to ascend the turbine quickly, and in some territories, using climb assist equipment.

 Owing to these factors, wind technicians must be comfortable working in small spaces and at height. Physical fitness is vital fora wind technician!



  • Ability to achieve and maintain employer specific fitness for duty requirements 11.1.2Attention to detail
  • Comprehend basic system diagrams, schematics, and symbols
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Mechanical and/or electrical fundamenta Is
  • Proficient with basic software, computer, and mobile devices
  • Ability to work in small spaces and work at heights

Specialized Wind Technician Education for High School Graduates

Unique Program in Partnership with Dalane High School

Exclusively at our location in collaboration with Dalane High School, we provide the only opportunity in Norway to pursue wind technician education. Dalane High School stands as the sole course center for this program, taking the lead in developing a relevant training offering for the wind energy industry. Together with Energy Innovation, Dalane High School holds the nation’s best expertise to meet and address the specific needs of this field. For those seeking Vg3 Energioperatør, the unique education path starts by applying for an apprenticeship in energy operator training through Vigo, available upon completing Vg2 Elenergi and ekom. The educational journey progresses from Vg1 Elektrofag to Vg2 Elenergi and culminates in Vg3 Energioperatør.

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