About our franchise model

Energy Innovation is running a world leading comprehensive Training, Education, Research & Development Center for On- and Offshore Wind and Green Tech in Egersund, Norway, with the largest market share for GWO-training (Global Wind Organisation), and the only education of wind technicians in Norway.


Energy Innovation has developed a franchising for the establishment of state-of-the-art training & education centers for on- and offshore wind and green tech globally.

We combine our gained knowledge and experience with the knowhow and network provided by local education and industry partners, developing high quality training and education in a cost-effective manner, ensuring high quality digital content and deliverance always up to date according to the Global Wind Organisation standard.

Through a franchise agreement Energy Innovation will provide:

  • A secure and fast way to become a high quality GWO-training and workforce education center for providing wind technician education through both up-skilling and re-skilling.
  • High quality, up to date digital learning content for online modules through gamification, combined with all necessary content for fixed (onsite) training for each selected training module.
  • Plug and play GWO certified management system and handbook (through Chainformation).
  • GWO certified instructors through a 3-week Train-The-Trainer program.
  • Fully documented, up to date course material, – example for GWO WAH module:
    – WAH Equipment list
    – WAH Course instructions
    – WAH Presentations
    – WAH online gamification module
    – WAH Risk assessment
    – WAH Evaluation of participants form
    – GWO Healt self declaration
  • Support for initial GWO certification and easy and more cost effective audit process due to pre-approved setup.
  • Reduced GWO surveillance audit cost due to multisite certification. 
  • Sharing of experience and knowhow through access to a Learning Management System and a global network forum for strengthening each partner and the overall
    partnership, including webinars and a yearly seminar.
  • Giving our franchising partners the possibility to provide their own courses and educations through our global network, adding additional strength to the network.
  • Offering access to a global network of customers using Energy Innovation Global.


Join the Energy Innovation franchise today and revolutionize your path to excellence in GWO training and wind technician education. Elevate your capabilities, connect with a global network, and embark on a journey of innovation and success!

Franchise locations

In February 2023 we official launched our global franchise for GWO certification. The global industry standard for HSE and technical disciplines within onshore and offshore wind. 

The first center was certified in New York in February 2023, while number 2 and 3 centers will be certified in New Orleans and Poland in Q2 – 2024. 

Several similar initiatives are in development in both Europe and Asia.

Green: Ongoing, Blue: in progress

GWO Training, wind technician education, workforce training & development, R&D, EU projects, innovation and business development within On- and Offshore wind and Green Tech. Energy Innovation provides services globally establishing franchising GWO and Wind Tech education centers around the world. 

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