Probably the most comprehensive GWO training & wind tech education center in the world.

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Rope access

SOFT NS 9600 Rope Access

Industrial climbing



Construction, maritime, oil & gas

First aid

Rescue & Exercise

For all industries



Wind turbine specific

Popular courses

GWO Basic Safety Training Onshore

GWO Working at heights

NS-9600 Rope Access level 1

GWO Basic Safety Training Onshore Refresh

GWO Basic Technical Training

Service Technician Training

Franchise locations

Energy Innovation is running a world leading comprehensive Training Center for On- and Offshore Wind  in Egersund, Norway, with the largest market share for GWO-training (Global Wind Organisation), and the only education of wind technicians in Norway. Energy Innovation has developed a franchising for the establishment of training & education centers for on- and offshore wind and green tech globally.


At Energy Innovation, we prioritize education as the gateway to a thriving career in the wind industry. Explore our Wind Technician Education programs, tailored to cultivate the skills and knowledge needed for success in various facets of wind energy. Our commitment to your education extends beyond traditional boundaries, offering a dynamic learning experience guided by industry experts.