Fall protection

6 hours course


25% theory and 75% practice

  • The main aim of the course is to give the participants basic knowledge and skills in the safe use of fall protection equipment, and descent (evacuation).
  • There is a requirement to use a fall protection harness when working at a height of more than 2 metres.

This course covers requirements for training personnel who will use fall protection equipment, both onshore and offshore.

The course requires no prior knowledge. The fall protection course can be expanded with other module-based training as needed.

The training includes:
– Risk assessment when working at height.
– Loads and falls.
– Fencing and anchoring.

  • Introduction to the use of harnesses, fanglines, vertical safety ropes and fall blocks, as well as practical exercises in their use.
  • Maintenance, control and storage of the equipment.
    – Product training for fall arrest harnesses.
    – Evacuation from lift.

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