HSE Courses

Other international standards for Access Technology are industry standards owned by industry organizations. The industry standards can be revised as needed without the authorities being involved, and thus the authorities cannot refer to industry standards as a minimum standard.

Companies need HSE training to meet occupational health and safety guidelines designed to protect workers from workplace accidents.

Adopting the right HSE training program for your industry proves vital to preventing unnecessary workplace injuries.

Boat Transfer Training

Duration: 0.5 day

Price: 3 500 NOK

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Chester Step Test


Price:  990 NOK

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Fall protection

Duration: 6 hours

Price: 3 200 NOK

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Pole Climbing & Rescue

Duration: 1 day

Price: 4 000 NOK

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HSE courses and training

Crucial to prevent injuries to staff at your workplace

Common safety training available in an effective HSE training program includes:

  • Fire safety training,
  • Emergency drills,
  • Health and Safety (H & S) protocol meets,
  • Equipment training,
  • Ergonomics training,
  • Industry-specific training,
  • First-aid training, and much more

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