Pole Climbing & Rescue

1 day course / 8 hours

50% theory and 50% practice.
Participants must have an understanding of the following:
a) User instructions and labeling of fall protection equipment;
b) Storage, control and maintenance of fall protection equipment:

  1. Disposal criteria for equipment;
  2. Control and maintenance
  3. Maintenance and storage.’
    c) Systems in fall protection:
  4. Positioning;
  5. Fall arrest;
  6. Rescue equipment.
    d) Risk assessment:
  7. Safe Job Analysis (SJA)
  8. Barriers (technical, organizational and human);
  9. Choice of rescue solution and equipment.
    e) Rescue plan/preparedness:
  10. Requirements for a rescue plan;
  11. Preparedness and expected response time;
  12. Basic principles for first aid, including hanging trauma;
  13. Examples of rescue equipment and methods.
    f) Falling to a lower level:
  14. Dangers of fall forces and fall energy;
  15. Tools that can damage the equipment;
    g) Need for, and methods for cordoning off, areas when working at height;
    h) Ergonomics – advantages and disadvantages of different mounting options in the harness (EN 358 and EN 813)

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