GWO Basic Safety Training Onshore Refresh

 2 days

This Basic Safety Training Onshore Refresh course is to review and build on previously gained knowledge and skills from BST Onshore through theoretical and practical training. The GWO Basic Safety Training Onshore Refresh is divided into the following 4 modules:

Module 1: Working at Heights Refresh
Module 2: First Aid Refresh
Module 3: Manual Handling Refresh
Module 4: Fire Awarness Refresh

The BST Onshore Refresh will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to appropriately respond in the event of an emergency and to increase their safety through proper use of personal protective equipment, emergency equipment and procedures.

Validity Period

  • The certificates have a validity of 24 month.
  • Certificates and training records shall be renewed before the end of the validity period. Basic Safety Training Onshore Refresh
  • If a certificate is expired, the participant must attend the full Basic Safety Training module(s) to obtain a new training record.

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