GWO Working at Heights

Online theory + 1 day of practical or 2 days in the classroom

The aim of this module is to enable the participants, through theoretical and practical training, to:

  • use basic personal protective equipment 
  • work safety at height 
  • perform comprehensive basic rescue from height in a remote wind turbine environment.

After having successfully completed this BST Working at Heights Module, the participants have the ability to act safely and responsibly when using basic personal protective equipment, working at heights and performing comprehensive basic rescue from heights in a remote wind turbine environment.

Validity Period

  • The certificate have a validity of 24 month.
  • Certificates and training records shall be renewed before the end of the validity period. Working at heights Refresh
  • If a certificate is expired, the participant must attend the full Working at Heights to obtain a new training record.

Online Version – Blended

Introducing “Blended Version” – a smart combination of online theory and 1 day at our course center. Complete theory modules online, cutting costs and minimizing time away from work.

Choose between two extended days with online modules or opt for traditional classroom sessions based on your preference.

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