At Energy Innovation we’re training professionals to meet the demands of the wind energy industry.

Everyone who will work in wind farms for a shorter or longer time will, as a general rule, be required to have the necessary GWO certification.
For onshore wind, “Basic Safety Training Onshore” is required, which consists of:
• Working at heights
• First Aid
• Fire Awareness
• Manual Action
These courses run over four 4 days or online + 2 days attendance*.

For Offshore wind, “Basic Safety Training Offshore” is required which is identical to BST Onshore plus the one-day course GWO Sea Survival (which also includes boat transfer).All of these GWO courses require recertification every two years.

For those who are only going to visit a wind turbine, you can take the GWO Wind Limited Access, which gives you access to wind turbines accompanied by 2 experienced wind technicians. However, without being able to do any work. Energy Innovation offers GWO courses and training for wind technicians in the training center in Egersund Energy Hub. We also offer courses outside in wind farms, or in ports / on development sites for offshore wind, both in Norway and in other countries.
*From March 2023 we offer parts of the BST (Basic Safety) courses online. We have developed these courses through game technology in collaboration with the Norwegian company FIDL. This will reduce the length of physical attendance at the courses, and save time / accommodation.
In addition, we offer a number of courses for the construction industry and for other industries. We can also offer tailor-made courses on request. See the course calendar.
We also offer the hire of training facilities for in-house training/exercises. Get in touch if this is of interest.
The stated price of the courses includes a hot lunch (does not apply to half-day courses), and a discount is given on hotel accommodation through collaboration with Grand Hotel Egersund.


We do GWO (Global Wind Organization) training. Both for HSE, safety and technical courses. These courses are valid all around the globe.


We do industry specific HSE courses. Either you work in the wind industry or other industries. We can tailor make courses as well.


Get trained in technical disiplines like electrical, mechanical, hydaulics, turbine installation or blade repair.


Urban rescue techniques are used throughout several industries. We do advanced training for most. Enquire for a course for your workplace.


We do onsite training in wind farms. We train operators, but also the entire organization. We are in close cooperation with emergency services as well.

The wind energy sector has been rapidly growing in recent years, and as a result, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can work in this industry. Many of the skillsets required in the wind energy sector, including onshore and offshore operations, overlap with those found in the oil and gas industry. This presents an opportunity for oil and gas professionals who are seeking new career opportunities to transition into the wind energy sector.

Energy Innovation is a training and certification provider that aims to support professionals who want to transition to the wind energy industry or supply chain. Their courses cover a wide range of topics, and they offer training for professionals at any level. This means that whether you are just starting your career or looking to advance in the industry, there may be a course that can help you develop the necessary skills and knowledge for success in the wind energy sector.

If you are considering transitioning to the wind energy sector or want to learn more about the courses offered by Energy Innovation, you can explore the course menu to see which options may be relevant to your needs and goals.