Physical test – the most commonly used test for assessing physical performance according to GWO health requirements

We are constantly striving to improve and prioritize safety above all else. To ensure that we meet the latest requirements from GWO and maintain our commitment to safety, we are now offering the Chester Step Test.

The Chester Step Test provides a good estimate of a person’s physical fitness level. The test evaluates oxygen uptake, heart and lung function over a 10-minute period. This test is suitable for both men and women of all ages. We conduct a medical evaluation for each participant to determine if there are any obstacles preventing them from taking the test..

Everyone who takes this test must undergo a health status screening, where the examiner assesses whether the test can be carried out or not. The screening is done through a questionnaire, and blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen saturation are measured. Together, this information forms the basis for evaluating the participant’s ability to take the test.

Prior to the start of the test, the participant’s heart rate monitor will be connected and their pulse and blood pressure will be checked. If these readings are high, the participant will be given a chance to relax before the test begins.

The maximum heart rate (MHR80) will be calculated as 80% of the person’s assumed maximum heart rate.

The Chester step test consists of five steps

In order to pass the test, GWO recommends achieving a score of 35mL/kg/min.

If the participant displays signs of fatigue during the test (such as placing hands on hips, leaning forward, uneven weight distribution on legs, or other indicators), they must be informed of their condition. If their performance does not improve, the test will be terminated. If the participant is unable to maintain the required rhythm, even after being notified, the test will be concluded. It is mandatory to complete the entire test, and the results must meet GWO’s recommended standard for successful completion.

The test is conducted in our facilities and including preparations, implementation, and review of test results, it takes 30 minutes. The actual test itself lasts a maximum of 10 minutes.

Our instructor Stefan Månsson, have an extensive experience from the healthcare system, including ambulance services, emergency departments, and teaching in emergency medicine and first aid, who will enhance the quality of our courses.