Energy Innovation is providing regular onsite GWO training both in onshore and offshore wind farms. We also do tailor made crises management and accident management training in several wind farms together with the OEM’s and regional rescue services for the given location.

Our customers are very satisfied with this option, and we see a rising awareness from the wind farm operators that onsite training ads a considerable added value for both the individuals working in the wind farms, as well as the understanding of what challenges could arise in given situations at a given location, enhancing the quality of safty management for the operator, as well as bringing valuable knowlegde and experience for the regional rescue services. 

Typically these are the GWO trainings provided onsite:

There are several advantages conducting onsite training, especially for the personnel working on a regular basis in one or several specific wind farms with one or a limited number of turbine models:

    • Using the turbines and natural working environment when training rescue operations and acute first aid, taking into acount weather conditions and emergency support, transportation and likewise.
    • Cut costs for our customers bringing our instructors to the site, in stead of sending a number of participants to our trainig facilities.
    • Our instructors gain very important experience with various types of turbine models, weather conditions, logistics etc. that enhance the ability to train HSE tailormade to the given locations, as well as bringing this knowlegde and experience back into the regular fixed training at our training centre.

Onsite training with snow in June!

In the beginning of June (! – yes, still necessary to use snow mobiles) our team had the opportunity to conduct an onsite training course in advanced rescue for one of our regular customers, far north in Norway. This extreme north location gives spesific challenges for the operator, and is a very good example showing that location, weather conditions and logitics are important elements to be considered conducting GWO safety and crises management training.

The Journey to Onsite Training

The journey began with a flight over scenic landscapes. The view from the aircraft window showcased the breathtaking terrain that we would soon be exploring on the ground. At the wind farm, set against a backdrop of turbines dotting the horizon and a pristine snow-covered landscape—amazing June weather!

We were provided with snowmobiles to navigate the challenging terrain, ensuring we could access each turbine. This practical approach allowed us to experience the rigors of the job firsthand, from managing equipment in extreme conditions to ensuring safety protocols were strictly followed.

    GWO Advanced Rescue Training

    During this onsite training, our focus was on the GWO Advanced Rescue Training. Participants in this course learn to access and rescue an injured person from various sections of a wind turbine, utilizing industry-standard rescue equipment and techniques. This training equips workers to respond effectively in case of emergencies. Read more about GWO Advanced Rescue

    Skills and Knowledge Acquired

    The onsite training covered a wide range of skills essential for wind energy technicians, including:

    • Training in real life conditions
    • Safety Protocols: Adhering to industry standards, emergency response procedures, and proper use of PPE.
    • Navigation and Access: Utilizing snowmobiles and other methods to reach remote turbines in all weather conditions.
    • Team Coordination: Effective communication and mutual support within teams, crucial in challenging environments or emergencies.

    The onsite training provided by Energy Innovation equips participants with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in the wind energy sector. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience ensures readiness for maintaining and operating wind turbines under diverse conditions.

    By opting for onsite training, wind farm operators can save time and money. Our method is efficient: instead of multiple workers traveling to us, we bring our expertise directly to your wind farm.

    Read more about the onsite training here 

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