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Energy Innovation in Egersund – Norway has Europe’s – and probably the worlds widest range of GWO courses – including online gamification, and education for on- and offshore wind in Europe gathered in one place, with state-of-the-art training facilities! We also offer GWO certification and tailor made emergency exercises onsite in wind farms and in ports.

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Courses

GWO Safety & Technical courses for the wind industry

GWO sets the global standard for safety and technical training, ensuring that our workforce is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic and challenging field of wind energy.

Energy Innovation provides an extensive selection of GWO courses held in a training center boasting top-notch facilities. Elevate your skills and align with global safety standards. Click to discover more about our comprehensive course offerings.

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SOFT NS 9600 Rope Access courses


Also known as industrial climbing is a safe, efficient and cost-saving method for performing work in places that may be difficult to reach using other access methods.

NS 9600 is the Norwegian national standard for access technology and has been prepared by the committee SN/K 279 Work at height, in cooperation with representatives of authorities, oil companies, training companies, interest organizations and users. The methodological and technical basis is the use of ropes for access, work and rescue.

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HSE Safety Courses

Courses for the construction, maritime, oil & gas industries

Health, safety and environment training consists of processes, regulations, and methods designed to protect people and the environment from harm. HSE training programs can be generalized or industry-specific and is a vital requirement for occupational health and safety.

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Rescue and Exercise

Elevate your safety standards with our all-encompassing services that seamlessly integrate specialized rescue expertise and targeted emergency exercises.

Our commitment extends to both Rescue operations and Exercise preparedness, ensuring a holistic approach to safety in wind farm environments. When faced with challenging situations, our specialized rescue teams equipped with advanced tools and skills, including confined space rescue and rope rescue, step in to provide a swift and effective response.

Complementing our rescue capabilities, our tailored Exercise programs prepare your team for a spectrum of emergencies that may arise in wind farms. From cardiac arrests to injuries, these exercises are conducted in various sections of the Wind Turbine Generator (WTG), providing hands-on training to enhance readiness and response efficiency.

Experience the synergy of specialized rescue solutions and proactive emergency training, empowering your team to navigate any situation with confidence and competence.

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At Energy Innovation, we prioritize education as the gateway to a thriving career in the wind industry. Explore our Wind Technician Education programs, tailored to cultivate the skills and knowledge needed for success in various facets of wind energy. Our commitment to your education extends beyond traditional boundaries, offering a dynamic learning experience guided by industry experts. 

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