After our previous announcement regarding the starting of rope access training, the moment is finally here.

The opening is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13th, at the event “Excursion day at Egersund Energy Hub” , an ad-on to the “High Wind” Offshore Wind Conference in Stavanger on the 12th of March.

While initial plans hinted at a January launch, unforeseen delays in the construction of the training tower added an element of suspense. However, the extended wait has proven to be well worth it, resulting in a facility that exceeds all expectations.

The construction of hall with training rigs took longer than anticipated, but the result is a facility equipped to deliver good training experiences. To mark this achievement, Energy Innovation is organizing a grand opening event for the Rope Access Center. Attendees can witness firsthand the dedication put into creating a facility that meets the highest safety standards.

Furthermore, participants can enjoy the enhanced course facilities provided by the ‘Energy Hub,’ including a new high-quality canteen, improved classroom spaces, and a prime location for optimal learning (Read more about our fasilities…). The Energy Hub aims to create an environment conducive to learning and networking, fostering a sense of community among participants. Lastly, only at Energy Innovation can participants experience the exclusive 30-meter training tower, adding an extra dimension to their educational journey.

Energy Innovation collaborates with IKM Solidtech, which brings a solid 17-year presence in the energy industry. IKM Solidtech comes with practical expertise to the table, specializing in operational inspection, rope access technology, and proficient crane & lifting operations. The company is well-equipped to contribute to our collaborative efforts.

Rope Access is relevant in various industries like Oil and Gas, Construction, and Renewable energy. Industrial rope access is a challenging profession where the safety level required to perform well cannot be achieved through theoretical knowledge alone.

Training and practical experience is crucial for the ability to assess situations and understand HSE. Therefore, SOFT (the Norwegian Cooperation body for Access Technology) have divided the education into several levels with requirements for the number of logged hours before admission to courses at the next level can begin. All industrial rope access assignments must have a safety supervisor in charge.

The 30 meter high wind energy training tower, designed to mimic real working conditions, offers training opportunities both on its exterior and within confined spaces. Climbing the tower offers participants a challenging experience, culminating in a panoramic view from the top—an awe-inspiring reminder of the importance of mastering working at heights.

Guided by experienced staff, participants can expect practical training in top-class classrooms and a practice hall with training rigs.

An exceptional feature of the training center is the fusion of SOFT Rope Access with other courses from Energy Innovation’s extensive portfolio. The objective is to motivate participants to integrate SOFT Rope Access with additional offerings, promoting a comprehensive learning journey that boosts their skills and knowledge.

Stay tuned for further updates as we finalize the course calendar, and we look forward to welcoming participants to a comprehensive and enriching educational journey. For inquiries and early expressions of interest, feel free to reach out to us for personalized offers and information.

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