NS-9600 Rope Access level 2

7 days / 52,5 hours

Also known as industrial climbing is a safe, efficient and cost-saving method for performing work in places that may be difficult to reach using other access methods.

Access techniques are performed using two ropes and climbing techniques. One rope serves as an access route and the other as a belay.

There is a high focus on safety when performing access technology. The level of safety when working with access technology must be at least as high as when working where collective barriers are in place.

This course represents the upper secondary education within the system, and successfully passing the examination qualifies individuals to work as a “Level 2 Operator” in rope access teams led by an approved safety supervisor. The training is conducted by an instructor accredited according to NS-9600 standards, and the certification examination is overseen by an examiner from “Soft Sertification”

Start-up requirements Level 2

  • Age: 20 years
  • Training certificate/certification at a minimum of level 1 that is valid or had an expiration date up to 24 months prior to the examination date of the applied course.
  • Minimum 500 hours from Level 1 over minimum 12 months.
  • Valid medical certificate not older than 3 years.

Time table

  • Education  – 45 hours / 5 day
  • Examination – 7,5 hours / 1 day

All operators who are approved (certified) according to the Norwegian model (NS 9600) must complete a refresher course within every 3 years. 

Upcoming course dates