Join us at this webinar focusing on converter platforms and grid connection in offshore wind!

In collaboration between Fagskolen Rogaland, Energy Innovation, Aibel and Statnett we are happy to invite for a free accessible webinar. 

Date: March 19th

Time: 15:00 – 16:00 CET

Due to development of offshore wind industry in Norway there is need to convert and transfer the energy productions towards the user. The webinar “Converter platform and grid connection” will address projects and future planning for the wind industry. This webinar, delivered by the T-shore Centre of Vocational Excellence for Offshore Wind Norway provide insights into the projects and the need of competence in this work. 

As a part of the green transition there is need build infrastructure to bring the energy production from offshore wind into the user market. Aibel is taking a position in the energy transition and have delivered “DolWin Beta”, one of the largest wind power converters offshore in German. Aibel is currently working on the projects as DolWin 5 and the largest offshore wind farm Dogger Bank, and delivering two converter platforms to this field 

Statnett is working to develop the grid connection to offshore wind production and the technology to bring the energy production to the user market. Statnett have the overall responibility for coordination the operation of the power system. This so ensure that the total power system is in balance at all times, network capacity is not exceeded and power system has necessary system supporting properties. 



15:00-15:05: Welcome and introduction 

15:05-15:25: Aibel: Converter platform in offshore wind and competence needs, Leif Kristian Solberg. 

15:25-15:45: Statnett: Grid connection in offshore wind, Idar Gimmestad. 

15:45-16:00: Q&A 

The Regional CoVE for Offshore Wind Norway are conducting webinars each month  focusing on various aspect on training and vocational education for offshore wind.

The T-shore Erasmus+ project: Technical Skills for Harmonized Offshore Renewable Energies is a collaboration between partners from Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland.