Collaboration between companies and educational institutions

Innovation is vital to the growth and success of any business. One way to foster innovation is by collaborating with educational institutions and students.

VRI Rogaland, a regional development program delivered by Rogaland County Council Norway, has launched the “Borrowed Student (Student til Låns)”. A program to encourage collaboration between companies and educational institutions, by allowing students to write their bachelor’s or master’s thesis as part of an innovation project in a company.

The program provides a support amount, with a minimum 50% self-financing requirement. Energy Innovation AS is among the companies that have benefited from this program, having received support to cover 50% of the costs associated with a project involving a master’s student who will be writing their thesis in collaboration with Energy Innovation.

As a partner in the EU Horizon 2020 project ROBINSON, it’s been an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate with a master’s student  from University of Stavanger. The master’s thesis focuses on social acceptance of a small-scale wind turbine on Eigerøy, but also promoting acceptance of the wind industry in the country. The research aims to identify factors influencing public perception, barriers, and strategies for promoting renewable energy. By collaborating with the master student Lene Marie Grure, we seek fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to drive positive change in the wind energy industry and contribute to a more sustainable future for our country, through interviews and documents analysis.

This research conducted by Energy Innovation aims to enhance our services in the wind industry and support the successful implementation of future renewable energy efforts. The findings of this study will provide valuable insights into local perceptions of wind power and ownership mechanisms.

The ” Borrowed Student” program has been a fantastic initiative that promotes innovation and collaboration between companies and educational institutions. We are looking forward to the positive impact this program will have on businesses and educational institutions.

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