Energy Innovation is developing a franchise for comprehensive GWO training – both HSE and technical, and education for wind technicians and other personell needed for installation, operation and maintenance of On- and Offshore Wind throughout the world.

Frank Emil Moen, CEO of Energy Innovation did the handshake and announcement together with Shea Thorvaldsen, CEO of TMS Waterfront, on the stage in front of 1500 participants at the OTD Energy Show in Grieghallen in Bergen yesterday.

We are very enthusiastic about signing this contract with Energy Innovation – getting the needed competence and fast track to develop the first GWO training & education center for offshore wind in New York»

Shea Thorvaldsen, CEO and President – TMS Waterfront, New York.

This contract is the first of several coming up, both in US and in Europe. The GWO training & education center will be in operation at three locations in New York, certified for execution of GWO training ultimo Q1 2023. A collaboration between TMS Waterfront, Energy Innovation and the College of Staten Island is in planning, for the development and execution of various offshore wind educations on College level.

The process of developing the centre is ongoing, and train-the-trainer sessions will be conducted in December, with instructors coming over from US to Egersund. The management team of Energy Innovation are traveling over to New Orleans and New York in November to further strengthen the US – Norway collaboration.

The need for GWO training and education of wind technicians for the upcoming development of on- and offshore wind is very high throughout the world. The number of new wind technicians will increase by 28,400 each year in the period, and there will be a need for GWO training of an additional workforce of 449,000 technicians (GWO / GWEC – Global Wind Workforce Outlook 2022 – 2026).