The Norwegian company Caera has acquired Energy Innovation and will continue the development of the supplier industry for offshore wind through the base, Egersund Energy Hub.

Norway is uniquily positioned to succeed within the renewable energy and offshore wind segments, and Egersund has built a solid foundation for business development.

– The capacity for regional innovation in Egersund has opened more opportunities for Caera´s operation and maintenance services, technical education and HSE-certification in the wind industry, says Robert Norum, chairman of Caera, a supplier of qualified personnel to the industry onshore and offshore.

Caera and Energy Innovation have both signed letters of intent with the Norseman Wind Consortium who recently announced its plans to apply for consession to develop the area, Sørlige Nordsjø II. Egersund Energy Hub is intendend as base for Norseman´s operations and maintenance services. This underlines its strong position for commercial growth and will contribute to the development of a full-service supplier industry for offshore wind in Norway.

– The transition towards clean energy is happening. This is an opportunity to bridge our solid petro-maritime industry with the competence needed to establish a new domestic market for development, operation and maintenance of new offshore wind projects such as Sørlige Nordsjø II and Utsira Nord, says Frank Emil Moen, CEO of Energy Innovation, and adds:
– Offshore wind has the potential to become a significant export industry for Norway. EU’s intention is for offshore wind to be their most critical energy source by 2040. After 2022, we expect investments in offshore wind to be greater than investments in oil and gas in the North Sea, says Moen.

In the next 10-15 years, most offshore wind projects in Northern Europe will be based on bottom-fixed technology, but also floating wind will be important. By 2050 it is estimated that Europe will invest approximately 1200 billion euro in offshore wind developments and around 300 billion euros in operation and maintenance.

Caera is a supplier of qualified professionals in electrical and mechanical disciplines, and they aim to develop the necessary skills to meet the needs of tomorrow’s jobs in renewable energy and the green economy.

– The renewable energy industry will increase the demand for electrical and mechanical expertise to develop offshore and onshore wind projects. Electricians and automation professionals can be trained to become wind technicians. Starting August 2021, the wind technician education at Dalane Upper Secondary School will co-locate with Energy Innovation. This is Norway´s first and only education of its kind. Together with our industry partners, the base in Egersund provides a fantastic springboard for value creation in Norway´s export industry, says Christine Lervik, general manager of Caera.

Caera acquires Energy Innovation from Rogaland County Municipality, Espeland Gruppen, SkyWind GmbH and Renewable Skills and Consultant GmbH. The three latter will become shareholders in Caera, together with Artemes Invest and the management in Caera.

About Caera:
Caera was founded in 2014 as a specialist recruitment company and supplier of highly skilled electrical and mechanical expertise to the industry. Today, the company has over 250 employees. Our ambition is to use Caera´s experience from the oil and gas industry to create future jobs within renewable energy and sustainable industrial development.