Petzl NEST 

Stercher approved for lifting and use in confined space

The NEST litter was developed in partnership with the French national cav-ing rescue organization. It allows a victim to be transported horizontally, ver-tically or at an angle. It is easy to manipulate and simplifies installation of a victim. It is suitable for all technical rope rescue, particularly in confined spaces. Comes with accessories: “STEF” as tilting device for lifting/tilting.

Lifespand Stretcher: 10 years with annual inspection of competent person
Lifespand STEF: 10 years with annual inspection of competent person


  • Material(s): TPU, nylon, polyethylene, aluminum
  • Weight: 13100 g
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • Certification(s): CE
  • NEST+STEF: Meets the following European regulations: ° Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment Applicable standards: EN 1497:2007 Except articles 3.1, 7.c), 7d), 7e)

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Petzl Nest




Petzl STEF


Petzl Bag for NEST


Petzl Replacement Stays for NEST


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