Exciting news for those looking to enhance their skills in the energy industry!

Energy Innovation  launches a series of game-based GWO courses, aimed at providing an engaging and effective learning experience for individuals in the energy industry. The focus is to help businesses move away from traditional e-learning to courses that better engage participants and provide more practical, real-life experiences.

The courses is covering the theory part of the GWO basic safety training. Instead of using four days on the course senter, it is now possible to take the online modules up front, and then use only two days at the center, cutting costs and time away from work, and giving us as a training provider the possibility to be more flexible and conducting more courses.

The online courses are connected to the following modules: Working at heights, First aid, Fire awareness and Manual handling.

Time spent for:

  • GWO Basic Safety Onshore: Two extended days + online modules (must be taken for all conducting work in an onshore wind farm)
  • GWO Basic Safety Offshore: Three days + online modules (must be taken for all conducting work in an offshore wind farm)
  • GWO Basic Safety Onshore Refresh: Two days + online modules (the basic safety onshore must be refreshed every second year)
  • GWO basic Safety Offshore Refresh: Three days + online modules (the basic safety onshore must be refreshed every second year)

The courses have been developed in collaboration with FIDL, a leading Norwegian online course provider known for its innovative and engaging evidence based training programs. The game-based courses offered by Energy Innovation are designed to help individuals master the theory behind key GWO concepts, while also providing practical exercises and real-life simulations to help them apply their knowledge in a variety of contexts. Evidence based surveys shows that gamification is one of the most effective way of learning basic theory.

“We are excited to launch this series of game-based GWO courses,” says Frank Emil Moen, CEO / Managing partner of Energy Innovation. “We believe that this innovative approach to training will help individuals better retain the information they need to succeed in the energy industry, while also providing them with a more engaging and enjoyable learning experience.”

The courses cover a range of key GWO topics, including working at height, manual handling, fire awareness, and more. Each course features a variety of interactive elements, including quizzes, games, and simulations, to help participants better engage with the material and develop a deeper understanding of the concepts being covered.

Whether you’re new to the industry or looking to enhance your skills, the game-based GWO courses offered by Energy Innovation are an excellent choice. With our engaging and innovative approach to training, we are sure to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this exciting and rapidly-evolving field.