Establishing a strong and long lasting Norwegian – Polish collaboration !!

The collaboration will build the necessary workforce for the On- and Offshore Wind sector in Poland, in Norway and in other countries throughout the world!

Energy Innovation – NORWAY has entered into a significant partnership agreement with Inter Marine Group – POLAND. Accordingly Energy Innovation’s CEO will mark its expansion as a franchising partner for Energy Innovation Global in Poland.

This moment of signing event took place on Friday, September 22nd, and was hosted by Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) and DNV at the DNV headquarters in Gdynia. All in all, the gathering was attended by numerous esteemed companies from both Norway and Poland. Another key point was that the signing introduced by the Honorary Consul of Norway, Weronika Haustein.

The agreement involves the establishment of three Global Wind Organisation training centers in Poland. At the same time Wind Tech education facilities will take place. The inaugural center will be established in collaboration with Gdynia Maritime University, situated on their campus. This partnership is not limited to GWO training alone; it also encompasses wind tech education and workforce development, signifying a comprehensive commitment to the wind energy sector’s growth and excellence.

Inter Marine Group is a company that has been implementing innovative business solutions. Shipping services, offshore, job placement, logistics, and international trade industries for more than 33+ years are describing them.

The Inter Marine Group is one of the leading Polish suppliers of labor to the international shipping market with a database containing over 20,000 applications of qualified maritime personnel.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Inter Marine Group responded to the question:

  <<< What are our shared plans and objectives? >>>

Through this cooperation, we plan to establish three Global Wind Organization training and education centers in our country. It is already known that the first of these centers will be established on the campus of the Gdynia Maritime University. In addition to GWO training, the cooperation will also include education in wind technology and support for the development of specialists dedicated to the industry. In the long term, our goal is to build a competent workforce for the wind energy sector, both offshore and onshore. Not only in our countries, but also around the world. We hope that this initiative will contribute to a long-lasting and fruitful Polish-Norwegian partnership. We look forward to working together on such an important project!