Rope Access Courses

Rope access can be used as an alternative to scaffolding, where work is to be carried out over a shorter period of time and where the number of operators performing work is limited, provided that this is equally acceptable in terms of risk, and  is used in rock protection, construction/facade, wind power, oil and gas, etc.

Access techniques are performed using two ropes and climbing techniques. One rope serves as an access route and the other as a belay.

When performing access technology, you must always work in a team consisting of 3 people led by a Safety Supervisor. A safety leader is a dedicated person with specific expertise in safety.

NS 9600


NS 9600 is the Norwegian national standard for access technology. It is owned by Standards Norway. The standard has been prepared by the committee SN/K 279 Work at height, in cooperation with representatives of authorities, oil companies, training companies, interest organizations and users. The methodological and technical basis is the use of ropes for access, work and rescue.

NS 9600 differs from other standards for access technology because it is approved by the authorities. This means that the authorities have control over what is the current minimum standard for the industry at any given time and can therefore also refer to national standards in laws and regulations.Other international standards for Rope Access  are industry standards owned by industry organizations. The industry standards can be revised as needed without the authorities being involved, and thus the authorities cannot refer to industry standards as a minimum standard.

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