GWO Slinger Signaller (SLS)

2 days course

Upon completion of the GWO Slinger Signaller (SLS), participants will be aware of the risks and hazards encountered when working with slinger signalling within the wind industry. Furthermore, they will be able to control and mitigate those risks and hazards.

The GWO Slinger Signaller training will also equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and ability to appropriately respond in the event of a hazardous situation and to increase their safety through proper use of personal protective equipment, emergency equipment, procedures, and safe craftsmanship.

Training in accordance with this standard will enable participants to take responsibility to support and care for themselves and others while working with slinger signalling in the wind industry by possessing the required knowledge, skills, and ability to conduct assigned tasks safely and efficiently.

Target Group
Personnel working within the wind industry conducting slinging techniques and signalling during simple lifting operations, meaning lifts conducted based on a lifting plan covering known hazards.

  • Validity Period
    The Slinger Signaller Standard training is an enduring qualification and therefore a validity period does not apply to this training.
  • This assumes that the participant is actively working with slinger signalling tasks.

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