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GWO Training, education, R&D and business development within On- and Offshore wind and Green Tech.

Training and educating professionals to meet the demands of the Wind Energy Industry.


Wind plays a major role on the future energy scene. At Energy Innovation we are looking at a greener future from the front seat – driving change for both companies and workers, through research, development and by offering a variety of specific courses and educations needed to handle tomorrow’s energy technology.

Simply because:

•  We need to be educated – in so many ways.

•  We need to develop future skills – and ideas, through collaboration.

•  We need to innovate for the future, now – it’s inevitable.

The energy change – how do we deal with it?

By leveraging our industrial experience and know-how, we can deliver sustainable energy solutions together with our customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Energy Innovation is certified as Eco–lighthouse.

We have established a hub for renewable energy technologies, research, competence development and collaboration – across businesses, both locally and globally. Because it’s all about taking the broader, global perspective: How can we take care of the energy needs of tomorrow, our planet, and future generations at the same time?

The challenges ahead are considerable. Still, more interesting than ever – a crossroad of possibilities, of questions, and only one way of finding all the answers: Together.

Welcome to our future-oriented facilities at Egersund Energy Hub – we’re eager to discuss opportunities with you and your company.


Frank Emil Moen, CEO Energy Innovation


We are hiring an instructor for working at heights – rope access

To strengthen and further develop safety training, we are looking for instructor(s) with relevant experience and expertise in working at heights and/or rope access. Experience in first aid, fire safety, and rescue is an advantage. Experience as an instructor is desirable but not a requirement. Good oral and written skills in both English and Scandinavian languages (Norwegian/Swedish or Danish) are necessary.

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Thor Inge Throndsen

In addition to using the GWO course offerings, Energy Innovation has tailormade a unique course for our organisation. Energy Innovation has demonstrated that they are a solid supplier of training and courses.

Thor Inge Throndsen

Manager Safety and Sustainability, Equinor ASA