Training equipment

All qualification programmes are subject to strict quality and safety requirements. We use state of the art equipment from renowned vendors.

We also provide manufactures to carry out their own exclusive training is explicitly envisaged in the flexible system concept.

Health, safety and rescue

Energy Innovation

Indoor facilities

  • Climbing wall with different ladder systems for rescue.
  • Rescue platform (free hanging person).
  • PPE hardware and wind specific rescue devises and equipment.
  • Confined space quarters for rescue training.
  • Tree- and composite poles for training
  • Dedicated blade repair workshop
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Class rooms
  • Canteen

Outdoor facilities

  • 30-metre training tower.
  • Seaside Sea Survival training range.
  • Firefighting training range.

Training Programmes

  • All GWO HSE modules and GWO technical modules
  • Development and testing of manufacturer-specific safety concepts.