Be a part of the global energy innovation network

We are honored to be a central partner and have been delivering birth aid for the Erasmus+ Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) T-SHORE project, with partners from Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland.

Still, resting on the laurels is no option. On the contrary, we need to act now. Together, creating an environment where regional centres like us collaborate seamlessly across borders through a comprehensive Franchise.

We have developed a template for future centres to ease the process of establishing centres and collaboration. Based on the knowledge and experience built over more than a decade, the Franchise enables innovation and entrepreneurial activities regionally and globally.

Because we all share the same goal: To save our planet. In our opinion, sharing ideas, experience, knowledge – even research – is the best way of aligning our forces, the only way of driving real change.

We have entered agreements with partners in New York, Louisiana, Poland and Türkiye so far, and have ongoing conversations with potential partners in several other countries in all parts of the world where development of more onshore wind, and new markeds for offshore wind are in progress.

Are you interested in becoming a partner? Please let us know.