GWO Basic Technical Training

Modules icluded:
- Electrical
- Mechanical
- Hydraulic
- Installation

Wind Turbine Service Technician Training (long)

- GWO Basic Safety Training
- GWO Basic Techcnical Training - all modules
Extensive wind spesific training in:
- Electronics
- Mechanical
- Hydraulics
- Bolt tightening

GWO Blade Repair


For Blade repair: Bring PPE (protective equipment). Can possibly buy from us. NOK 1500, 

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions, or if there are courses you are looking for / want!

Price include lunch (warm) .
(PS! There is no VAT on courses in Norway as there is in many other countries):

A discount is given for hotel accommodation through cooperation with Grand Hotell Egersund.