Energy Innovation

We are proud to present this new GWO module, developed on the fundament of a tailor made course Energy Innovation has developed for Equinor, and then further adapted as two GWO modules in close collaboration with Ørsted, Maersk and GWO. 

This standard has been developed to provide minimum safety training to infrequent visitors of
onshore and offshore wind farms. This standard describes the requirements for Wind Limited
Access (WLA) that are recommended by the members of GWO.

The standard covers the minimum knowledge required for visiting an onshore and offshore wind turbine generator (WTG) safely, including transfer to offshore WTG. Applying this standard does not provide the training
necessary to enter energised assets or carry out work in an onshore or offshore environment, but
merely to visit, inspect and observe when supervised by at least two experienced GWO BST
trained persons.

Note: GWO recommends that persons who visit WTG environments more than 6 times per year to
complete the full GWO Basic Safety Training.

The GWO Wind Limited Access (WLA) is divided into the following two modules:


1) GWO Onshore Wind Limited Access (3 hours and 30 minutes)
2) GWO Offshore Wind Limited Access (total 7 hours – includes onshore WLA)


The certificate is valid for 24 months.


The aim of this module is to enable the participants, through theoretical and practical training, to use basic personal protective equipment, and behave safety during supervised visits to onshore wind turbine environment.
After having successfully completed this WLA Onshore Module, the participants will have the ability to act safely and responsibly when using basic personal protective equipment, follow instructions given by supervisors and behave safely during supervised visits to onshore wind turbine environments (Ability, basic level).


The aims of this Offshore Limited Access are, to build upon the skills and knowledge gained in the onshore module, giving participants the ability to act safely and responsibly when participating in a supervised visit to an offshore WTG environment during normal operations.

After successfully having completed this Offshore Limited Access Module, the participants have the ability to act safely and responsibly during a supervised visit to an offshore WTG environment and to take limited responsibility for their own safety at sea and during transfers (Ability, intermediate level).

Prerequisites for participating in the Offshore Limited Access module is completion of the Onshore Limited Access Module as part of a single day training of the GWO Wind Limited Access Standard.