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On- and Offshore wind 

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Energy Innovation provide a comprehensive GWO Training, education, R&D and business development center within On- and Offshore wind and Green Tech in Egersund, Norway – as well as through franchising around the world.

Egersund Energy Hub

Energy Innovation has its head quarter in Egersund Energy Hub – South West Norway, approx. 65 minutes drive from Stavanger Airport Sola. Energy Innovation is the initiater – and have developed Egersund Energy Hub i close collaboration with the land owners Bertelsen & Garpestad og Seabrokers.

Energy Innovation in Egersund – Norway has Europe’s – and probably the worlds widest range of GWO courses – including online gamification, and education for on- and offshore wind in Europe gathered in one place, with state-of-the-art training facilities! We also offer GWO certification and tailor made emergency exercises onsite in wind farms and in ports. See our course offers below =>


Wind plays a major role on the future energy scene. At Energy Innovation we are looking at a greener future from the front seat – driving change for both companies and workers, through research, development and by offering a variety of specific courses and educations needed to handle tomorrow’s energy technology.

Simply because:

•  We need to be educated – in so many ways.

•  We need to develop future skills – and ideas, through collaboration.

•  We need to innovate for the future, now – it’s inevitable.

Energy Innovation offers a number of specific courses and educations that are necessary to handle tomorrow’s energy technology, particularly in on- and offshore wind energy. We initiate and coordinate R&D / Innovation / EU projects locally, nationally and internationally.

In February 2023 we launched a global franchise for GWO certification; the global industry standard for HSE and technical disciplines within onshore and offshore wind. In addition, we offer wind technician education of various types and lengths. The first center was certified in New York in February 2023, while another center will be certified in New Orleans in Q4 – 2023, in close cooperation with partners in US. Several similar initiatives are in development in both Europe and Asia.  

The energy change – how do we deal with it?

By leveraging our industrial experience and know-how, we can deliver sustainable energy solutions together with our customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Energy Innovation is certified as Eco–lighthouse. We drive Renewable Energy Charged EVs, eager to have a low carbon- and environmental footprint.

We have established a hub for renewable energy technologies, research, workforce development and collaboration – across businesses, both locally and globally. Because it’s all about taking the broader, global perspective: How can we take care of the energy needs of tomorrow, our planet, and future generations at the same time?

The challenges ahead are considerable. Still, more interesting than ever – a crossroad of possibilities, of questions, and only one way of finding all the answers: Together.

Welcome to our future-oriented facilities at Egersund Energy Hub – we’re eager to discuss opportunities with you and your company.


Frank Emil Moen, CEO / Managing Partner @Energy Innovation.


We are hiring an instructor for working at heights – rope access

To strengthen and further develop safety training, we are looking for instructor(s) with relevant experience and expertise in working at heights and/or rope access. Experience in first aid, fire safety, and rescue is an advantage. Experience as an instructor is desirable but not a requirement. Good oral and written skills in both English and Scandinavian languages (Norwegian/Swedish or Danish) are necessary.

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Chester Step Test

Physical test - the most commonly used test for assessing physical performance according to GWO health requirementsWe...

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Thor Inge Throndsen

In addition to using the GWO course offerings, Energy Innovation has tailormade a unique course for our organisation. Energy Innovation has demonstrated that they are a solid supplier of training and courses.

Thor Inge Throndsen

Manager Safety and Sustainability, Equinor ASA